Blair House Shackee, Former Aussie PM, Runs Up $186K Travel Tab

Not all hotels in D.C. are expensive in the month of January. Remember yesterday when we said that the Obamas were being blocked from Blair House by none other than former Australian Prime Minister John Howard? Well, it turns out Mr. Howard, who is in Washington to pick up a prize, er, the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Monday, and his wife will be the only occupants prior to Obama’s turn in the house, and Howard sure is racking up quite the tab—all on the Australian taxpayer’s dime. And they’re not quite happy about it, but at least they aren’t paying for his Washington lodging.

Washington Post: Howard, through a spokesman, told the newspaper the Australian that he would pick up his own tab to travel to the United States. The newspaper noted, however, that since Howard was “turfed from office” he has run up more than $186,164 (in U.S. dollars) in taxpayer-funded travel expenses.

“Mr. Howard will be staying for one night as per the invitation,” his spokesman told the Aussie paper. “There’s no entourage; it’s just Mr. and Mrs. Howard. None of it is at the expense of Australian taxpayers.”


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