Blago Is Washing Pots In Jail, Getting In Shape And Planning To Teach Shakespeare


Photo: Flickr via soundfromwayout

My Fox Chicago has an exclusive report about how former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is doing in Englewood prison in Colorado, where he is serving out a 14-year sentence for corruption charges. Blago’s attorney, Sam Adam Sr., and the attorney’s son, Sam Adam Jr. visited him over the weekend, and gave an update on how he is doing. 

Rod’s jet black hair has reverted to its original colour: brown. 

He is washing pots and pans in the kitchen. 

He will be assigned to the library, and plans to teach Shakespeare to other inmates. 

He is already one of the most popular inmates in prison. 

He has been doing weightlifting and has added weight, “all muscle” according to those who saw him.

Life isn’t all that great at prison, though. Blagojevich does not like the food, or the rules that limit him to just one hug of his teenage daughter per visit. 

He has served five and a half weeks so far. 

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