Blago Also Wanted To Shake Down Bill Gates


First, we told you that he wanted to shake down Warren Buffett for $15 mil, but it looks like Bill Gates was in his sights, too. Was he just rattling off names of any rich guy he could think of?

Politico: In a November 11th conversation with John Harris, his Chief of Staff, Blagojevich said he could start a 501(c)(4) political organisation to extract money from the billionaire Sage of Omaha, whom the governor called Obama’s “friend.”

“What, for you?” Harris replied.

“Yeah,” said Blagojevich.

The next day, Blagojevich again brought up the idea of creating a political entity, suggesting that Obama could get Buffett or even Microsoft founder Bill Gates to help underwrite it.

Such donors, the governor said, could put “10 to 15 million in it so I can advocate health care and other issues I care about and help them, while I stay as Governor, [Obama’s adviser is] a Senator.”

Blagojevich proposed controlling the 501 (c) (4) through a board of directors and then taking over the organisation after leaving office.

Here’s the quote from elsewhere on Politico: Later, Blagojevich added another target to his shakedown list, suggesting: “the President-elect can ask Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and others for money for the organisation.”