Blackstone Defends Password Sharing Charge


Blackstone isn’t exactly denying’s charge that they illegally shared one password and passed it around. Instead, they’re blaming it on some renegades. Specifically, employees in London:

New York Observer: “This all started several months ago when the FT brought to our attention the multiple uses of a single password in our London office,” a source at the Blackstone Group’s New York office told the Daily Transom. “We started negotiations with FT about how much we owe them for this, but then they just filed a lawsuit!”

We’re told that the New York office actually has 63 paid subscriptions, and the senior-level individual blamed for the misuse by the court papers filed by FT was not Mr. Schwartzman.

How can this be that hard to resolve? Buy a freakin’ subscription for everyone in the office who might want to read the site. We know times are tough, but It shouldn’t be that hard or expensive.

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