BlackRock Chief: If My Accountants Allowed It "I Would Be 100 per cent In Equities"

Larry Fink

Photo: BlackRock

BlackRock chief Larry Fink is extremely bullish on stocks, and would be 100% invested in them, if he was allowed, according to CNBC.”I am not afraid of treasurys but if my accountants would allow me I would be 100 per cent in equities,” he said.

Fink criticised those who were investing in hedge funds, paying for someone to manage their money and hoping that they would earn more than in stocks.

Larry Fink, via CNBC:

“Anything earning 3 per cent or lower is the dumbest thing you can do,” he added. “If we went on holiday four years ago and came back better human beings with a tan, markets would still be back where they were four years ago.”

Fink cautioned that the situation in Europe would likely get worse, as leaders asked more and more from bailed out states, including a decline in the standard of living in those countries, for bondholders to get paid.

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