Meet The Blackjack Player Who Took Atlantic City For $15 Million


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Over the past six-months, wearing sweatshirts, free baseball caps and jeans, Wyoming executive Don Johnson, has taken Atlantic City blackjack tables for $15.1 million dollars.The Press of Atlantic City reports that Johnson won about $5 million from the Borgata, $4 million from Caesars in December, and $5.8 million in a 12-hour run at the Tropicana in April.

Johnson denies counting cards or having any type of system.

“I’ll take luck over any other skill,” Johnson said. “There’s no magic to this. Eventually, someone would whack them. I’m just glad it was me.”

Johnson is the CEO of Heritage Development LLC, a Wyoming-based company that uses computer-assisted wagering programs for horseracing and his wins may re-shape a bit of how Atlantic City does business.

Tropicana chief Mark Giannantonio has been fired following April’s big loss that put the casino in the red. Giannontino authorised Johnson’s $100,000 a hand blackjack games.

“That’s the highest I’ve ever heard of,” [Johnson] said.

Another option that was offered Johnson and then taken away was the 20 per cent discount on his losses. An incentive to get him to play, and allow the casinos to win back some money, Johnson would get back 20 per cent of what he lost. So, if he lost $1 million, he’d get back $200,000.

“The best thing is, they offer you discounts on your losses,” he said.

Johnson has been banned from gambling in many Las Vegas casinos and expects Atlantic City to follow suit.

“I don’t think they will let me play anymore,” he said of the Atlantic City casinos. “But it’s not going to change my life. If I don’t play blackjack, I’ll just go to the horse races.”