Blackhawks Historic Streak Shows They Have Been Both Good And Lucky

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The Chicago Blackhawks extended their record points streak to 24 games with a 3-2 win over the Avalanche and are now 21-0-3. But what is most amazing about the streak is that the Blackhawks are not dominating their opponents.

Of the Blackhawks’ 24 games so far, 16 (66.7%) have been tied or were decided by a single goal at the end of the regulation. And of their 21 wins, only five have been by more than two goals.

When teams win that many close games, it is sign that their goalies are playing out of this world (they are). But a team should lose a few just by chance alone. In other words, the Blackhawks are playing great, but they have also been very lucky. Here is a look at the Blackhawks margin of victory this season, not including shootouts…

Chicago Blackhawks streak

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