$150,000 Subscription Service For The Super Rich Delivers 'Mystery Gifts' To Your Door

ivip black box

Beauty fans can get monthly packages from Birchbox. Pet lovers have BarkBox.

And now there’s a subscription service for the super rich called BlackBox, which delivers occasional “mystery gifts” to your doorstep for up to $150,000.

The service, from UK-based luxury and lifestyle site iVIP, launched Tuesday. Billed as “the world’s most exclusive subscription service,” the company already has around 30 customers who are interested in BlackBox, iVIP co-founder Matthew Rowe told Marketwatch.

BlackBox subscriptions are available in two tiers: The Premium Box, which costs £1,200 ($1,830) per box and comes six times a year, and The Infinity Box, “aimed at High Net Worth individuals willing to commit a minimum of £100,000 ($153,000) per year,” according to the company.

Each box comes wrapped in a red bow and contains “new, unique, exclusive, or limited edition items scoured from around the globe; hand-curated, highly-coveted items from labelled goods to literature, tablets to telescopes, lovingly personalised, packaged, and posted to you,” the BlackBox website says.

One drawback: There is a strict no-returns policy, according to Marketwatch. So you have to be willing to take a risk and get stuck with a lame, if expensive, toy.

As a bonus, BlackBox is also offering a share of the company to anyone who completes a year membership.

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