Blackbird just got a nice exit when one of its startups got acquired by US web hosting giant GoDaddy

Australian venture fund Blackbird MDs.

Australian startup Elto has just been acquired by US-based web hosting giant GoDaddy for an undisclosed amount.

The startup, which was originally called Tweaky and launched in 2012 by P.J. Murray and Ned Dwyer, raised just under $1 million from Australian venture capital outfit Blackbird Ventures as well as from the founders of 99Designs.

Elto evolved into a marketplace which matched WordPress developers with small business owners who needed slight changes to their websites.

According to Tech Crunch at the time of the acquisition Elto had 25,000 customers and an average project size of about $300.

Elto had grown to a team of 10 staff but only the two co-founders will be joining GoDaddy.

Lead seed investor Blackbird’s Niki Scevak told Business Insider it was a “great opportunity” to grow the company on a bigger stage.

That bigger stage includes GoDaddy’s 12 million small business clients. But for the time being, Elto’s existing user base will be handled separately, but will eventually be rolled into GoDaddy’s.

There’s more here.

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