It Looks Like BlackBerry's Entire 2013 Smartphone Lineup Just Leaked

BlackBerry A10 9720 Leak

BlackBerry’s 2013 roadmap has reportedly leaked, according to Boy Genius Report.

The leaked photos show two new smartphones: the BlackBerry 9720 and the BlackBerry A10 (previously code-named ‘Aristo’).

The new A10 will sport an improved 5-inch Super AMOLED screen and 2GB of RAM, and will likely be BlackBerry’s powerhouse in the new lineup, with a focus on gaming.

The A10 is expected to launch sometime this fall.

Far less is known about the BlackBerry 9720, which is rooted in the popular 9700 model, but with a radical re-design. It is expected to take the place of the BlackBerry 9320, likely at a lower price point than the A10.

BGR is reporting that this is the entirety of BlackBerry’s 2013 smartphone lineup.

You can take a look at the complete gallery of leaked photos here.

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