Everything You Need To Know About The New BlackBerry Phone

BlackBerry Z10

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

BlackBerry’s new smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10, has finally arrived after months and months of delays. Unlike other BlackBerrys, the Z10 doesn’t have a physical keyboard. It’s all touchscreen. (However, BlackBerry will launch a new phone with a keyboard called the Q10 in May or June).

The Z10 won’t launch in the U.S. until mid-March, but we reviewed the final unlocked model here

Now check out the gallery below for photos of the device.

Here's the BlackBerry Z10. It's a little taller and thicker than the iPhone 5, and it has a slightly larger screen. You can swipe up from the lock screen to unlock the device.

Here's the main home screen. BlackBerry 10 displays your apps in a grid of icons, just like the iPhone does.

You don't need a home button to get around BB10; you control everything with swipes and gestures. For example, when you have an app open, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and keep your finger still to get a peek at your current notifications on the left side.

If you let go of the app after peeking, it's stored on this screen with your other open apps. This makes multitasking and switching between apps much easier than it is on iPhone or Android. You can close the app for good by tapping the X in the bottom corner of each app window.

If you swipe from left to right on the home screen, you can see the BlackBerry Hub. This is a notifications centre for new emails, calendar appointments, Facebook updates, Twitter mentions, etc. You can also reply to emails, Facebook messages, etc. within the hub without having to open a new app.

If you swipe over one more screen, you can sort BlackBerry Hub notifications by app.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) got a nice update too. In addition to sending text messages, you can video chat and share your screen with another BlackBerry 10 user.

As good as BB10 is, the app selection is pretty poor. Yes, there are more than 70,000 apps, but you won't find many of the big-name apps you're looking for. There's no Spotify, Yelp, Gmail, or Evernote. And that's just scratching the surface.

The BlackBerry World store also has a nice selection of movies, music, and TV shows.

Now for the hardware. The Z10's power button is at the top of the device.

Here's the volume rocker.

There's a regular USB plug for charging and an HDMI port for mirroring what's on your phone to your TV.

The BlackBerry Z10 has a rubbery snap-on back cover.

Here's what the Z10 looks like when you snap off the cover. You can swap out the battery if you need to.

That blue symbol is where you can add a memory card for extra storage.

And here's what the Z10 looks like with everything removed. The yellow symbol shows you where the SIM card goes. We tested an unlocked Z10, so we were able to put in an AT&T SIM card.

Now take a tour of another new device...

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