Blackberry's Newest iPhone defence: SAP Deal (AAPL, RIMM)

We’ve spent a lot of bytes and pixels speculating about RIM’s ability to defend its BlackBerry franchise against the iPhone (AAPL), which is about to become compatible with corporate email systems. Most of our attention has been focused on iPhone-like devices BlackBerry has in the works, which have so far underwhelmed us.

Another strategy: Focus on business software. RIM (RIMM) is set to announce a tie-up with enterprise software giant SAP today, says Reuters:

Germany’s SAP and Canada’s RIM will announce their partnership on Friday morning, said the person, who was not authorised to discuss the news publicly before the official launch.

SAP sells software that automates tasks handled by various types of workers – from accountants to sales representatives and workers in manufacturing plants.

The new software will make it easier for SAP users to access data on a BlackBerry and read screen displays than they currently can using using the device with a Web browser, which is cumbersome, the person said.

As we noted earlier today, SAP’s incompatibility with Apple’s Mac line is one of the major hurdles that Apple faces if it wants to break into the enterprise PC market. Based on this RIM deal, it doesn’t look like SAP will be reaching to Apple buyers anytime soon. As our readers note below, SAP already offers some iPhone applications: We don’t know how much more substantial its RIM offerings will be. We do know that we should refrain from writing about SAP for the rest of the day.

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