Take A Peek At The BlackBerry PlayBook's Guts In This Step-By-Step Teardown

ifixit playbook teardown

Photo: iFixit

Within hours of the PlayBook’s launch yesterday, iFixit went to work on a teardown of the tablet.The guts didn’t reveal much we didn’t already know about the tablet, but it did finally confirm that there is in fact a gyroscope hidden in there. The battery is also a bit smaller than the iPad 2 and Xoom’s, but should have similar life as its competitors.

Click the link below for a walklthrough of iFixit’s breakdown and check out what’s inside the PlayBook.

You have to pry the PlayBook open. No screws here

The PlayBook has a 20 watt-hour battery, which is smaller than the iPad 2 and Xoom's

The guts are mounted to the display, not the backing like most tablets

The motherboard is located in the centre

Here's a front view of the motherboard. You can see the flash memory, 1 GHz dual core processor, and Bluetooth radio

There are actually two speakers on each side of the tablet, for a grand total of four speakers

Here's what a speaker looks like when removed

Removing the mid panel with the battery allows you to access the LCD screen.

Here's the camera.

This is the microphone assembly. It's a small strip that peels off the casing.

The LCD panel lifts off the front casing.

Here's what all the components look like when removed. iFixit rates it pretty high for parts replacement.

Now check out what we think of the PlayBook

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