BlackBerry PlayBook Not Toast? Analyst "Surprised" By "How Positive The Feedback Has Been"

rim blackberry playbook

Photo: AP

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t nearly as polished as Apple’s iPad 2, and we still don’t know how much it will cost, but Jefferies analyst Peter Misek sounds excited about it in a note today.”We were optimistic about the Playbook but were still surprised at how positive the feedback has been from the channel and retailers regarding the product,” he writes. “Many view the tethering as a positive since it does not require a separate data plan, and enterprises see it an easy fit into their existing security and device management protocols.”

We’ll see. It’s true that RIM has a strong enterprise presence via the BlackBerry, which could extend to the PlayBook. But how big is that market? Will it ultimately look much different than the consumer market?

And will the PlayBook’s software and developer platforms — and pricing — be strong enough to support it?

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