BlackBerry PlayBook: 250,000 Sold So Far, Sales “Steady,” Says Analyst

blackberry playbook touch

[credit provider=”Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider”]

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet — not loved by reviewers, but potentially interesting to BlackBerry fanatics — is seeing “steady” sales, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky writes in a research note.He estimates that RIM has sold 250,000 PlayBooks since launching in mid-April, and may sell 500,000 in its first quarter, including 100,000 units of channel inventory.

This would be better than early sales of Motorola’s Google Android-powered Xoom tablet, he notes. And PlayBook returns are “nominal to date,” he says.

“Checks at 180 Best Buys show 14% of the 16GB sold out, 71% of the 32GB sold out, and 84% of the 64GB sold out; however, 32GB/64B stockouts appear allocation-related.”

RIM is no challenge to Apple and the iPad at this point, but as nearly half of survey respondents say they are interested in buying a 7-inch tablet, and RIM does have a strong enterprise presence, it’s worth watching to see how the PlayBook does.

It’s not like anyone has high expectations for RIM here.

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