BlackBerry Bodice-Rippers: DailyLit Adds Harlequin

We continue to be intrigued with ebook startup DailyLit‘s business model – rather than force users to shell out $400 for a dedicated e-reader (see: Amazon’s Kindle), the company sends readers daily installments, via e-mail, directly to their BlackBerry or iPhone.

The one hitch: DailyLit doesn’t have a lot of books to send to readers yet — to date their catalogue consists mostly of free public domain stuff and a few dozen paid titles. Now it’s adding 100 more paid titles — all from “women’s fiction” publisher Harlequin.

We are not sure that Harlequin matches up that well with DailyLit’s target demo, but what do we know? Perhaps there are lot of iPhone users who want to read “His For The Taking,” “Beauty and the Billionaire” and “Expecting His Love Child” on the subway, in five minute increments. And regardless, the only way DailyLit will work is if it builds its catalogue, so more titles — no matter what they are — can’t be a bad thing.

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