Here's your first real look at the crazy Android phone BlackBerry is working on

Back in May, BlackBerry told us it believes its phone business will become profitable again. Now, we may be seeing the early stages of how it plans to make that happen. 

The company is believed to be working on a new phone that runs on Google’s Android software rather then the company’s own operating system. Prolific leaker and former tech journalist Evan Blass just posted new images that show what this phone looks like.

The phone, which is said to be codenamed the BlackBerry Venice, appears to have a keyboard that slides out. It’s expected to hit all four major carriers in the US this November, says Blass, who has an excellent track record when it comes to reporting on unreleased tech products.

It looks like the device will have a slim and narrow design, and the operating system appears to be a fairly clean version of Android without any BlackBerry bloatware.

Here are two videos from Blass that shows the phone in more detail.


It looks like BlackBerry may be working on more than one Android phone. Blass posted another image that showed what looks like BlackBerry’s Passport phone running on Android.

BlackBerry hasn’t announced any official plans to release an Android phone yet, but Reuters reported that the company has plans to do so back in June. CEO John Chen also teased that something big is “brewing” at the company in an interview with NBC in April. 

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