BlackBerry 10: Where Does The Company Go From Here?

The exuberance of the young man sitting next to me was hard not to note. We were sitting in the front row of the press section at the BlackBerry 10 keynote launch in New York City on Wednesday awaiting the start of the show – and he was practically bouncing in his seat. He was a mobile developer that had somehow acquired a press pass for a small blog and was at his first-ever smartphone launch event.

It had been so long since Research In Motion (now BlackBerry) had done anything significant that it was difficult to remember that the company once boasted perhaps the most loyal customer base of any mobile platform on the planet. As the show started (with a weird E! News style introduction of Blackberry VP of developer relations Alec Saunders), the young man started to clap with the rest of the crowd. I had to remind him that reporters do not clap, root or otherwise show emotion. At least at these types of events. There is no cheering in the press box.

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