Let's Get Real, RIM Will Never Launch Its New Operating System For BlackBerry

blackberry 10 developer preview

Photo: YouTube

RIM announced that its next mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10, won’t launch until 2013.The company showed off BlackBerry 10 at its developers conference in May and claimed the new platform will be what finally puts the company back on track.

BlackBerry 10 was originally supposed to debut by the end of this year. RIM was supposed to launch new phones designed specifically for the new operating system. The PlayBook tablet was also supposed to get an upgrade.

This does not look good for RIM. As the company sheds jobs and loses more marketshare to competitors like Apple and Google, it’s becoming more and more clear that the company could be sold before BlackBerry 10 ever sees the light of day.

What does that mean for you? If you already own a BlackBerry phone, probably nothing. Current BlackBerrys weren’t going to get the upgrade to BlackBerry 10 anyway. But if you own a PlayBook, it looks like you’re going to be stuck with the current OS for some time.

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