'Black Panther' earns $108 million at the box office in its 2nd weekend -- the 2nd-best performance ever

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures‘Black Panther.’
  • “Black Panther” took in an estimated $US108 million at the box office its second weekend in theatres.
  • That’s the second-best performance for a movie ever in its second weekend.
  • It’s also only the fourth movie ever to have a $US100 million second weekend.

Black Panther” has no signs of slowing down at the domestic box office.

The Disney/Marvel Studios hit scored an estimated $US108 million this weekend, according to boxofficepro, making it the second-best performance ever (passing “Jurassic World,” $US106.5 million) for a movie’s second weekend in theatres.Its domestic total is now $US400 million.

This marks only the fourth movie ever to score a $US100 million second weekend, joining “The Avengers,” “Jurassic World,” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” All three of those movies would go to earn lifetime box office returns of over $US650 million domestically and over $US1 billion worldwide (over $US2 billion in the case of “The Force Awakens”).

After taking the crown last weekend for best opening weekend ever for the month of February ($US202 million) and best Presidents’ Day weekend ever ($US242 million), Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” showed it wasn’t going to be one of those movies that has a dramatic drop in sales its second weekend in theatres.

The movie took in an impressive $US28.8 million on Friday and an incredible $US47.6 million on Saturday. That proves that there’s still a big audience for the movie and that folks are returning to theatres to see the movie multiple times.

“Black Panther” also didn’t have much competition to worry about this weekend.

The comedy “Game Night,” starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, came in second place with $US16.6 million (on a $US37 million budget). The sci-fi thriller “Annihilation,” starring Natalie Portman, only earned around $US11 million.

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