15 Black-owned Etsy shops you can buy from right now

EtsyYou can buy items from Black-owned shops on Etsy to support the Black community.

Lingua Nigra makes handcrafted, organic jewellery.

Lingua Nigra/EtsyThe earrings are available on Etsy.

Lingua Nigra’s unique designs are a breath of fresh air, with touches like gold plates and gems that look like wings setting the work apart.

The store sells everything from necklaces and earrings to jewellery containers.

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R-Ki-Tekt sells a myriad of handmade goods, including luggage accessories, jewellery, and even plant pots.

R-Ki-Tekt/EtsyThe passport holder is available on Etsy.

All of R-Ki-Tekt’s products are stunning, but the intricate leather goods are the standout products of the store. You can get passport holders, cord keepers, and wallets that feature the store’s fun designs.

Plus, 20% of the store’s sales will be donated to the George Floyd Memorial Fund and similar organisations through June 19.

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You can get rustic furniture from Archer Home Designs.

Archer Home Designs/EtsyThe table is available on Etsy.

Archer Home Designs makes stunning coffee tables and dining tables, and it recently added side tables to its offerings.

The sturdy furniture is as functional and reliable as it is beautiful.

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Kingsley Leather specialises in handcrafted leather goods.

Kingsley Leather/EtsyThe cuff links are available on Etsy.

The UK-based shop makes traditional leather items like belts and wallets, but it also offers leather bow ties, cuff links, and bookmarks.

The items offer a sophisticated and chic touch to everyday items.

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Copper and Brass Paper makes cute notebooks and cards that feature Black people.

Copper and Brass Paper/EtsyThe journal is available on Etsy.

Copper and Brass Paper describes its gift supplies as Afrocentric, providing the market with cards, sticky notes, journals, and even wrapping paper that features Black people.

The fun products are useful and increase the representation of Black people.

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InBooze has alcohol-infusion kits for delicious cocktails.

InBooze/EtsyThe kit is available on Etsy.

If you’re sick of mixing your cocktails with juice, you can step up your at-home drinking game with InBooze’s infusion kits.

The kits are made with dehydrated vegetables, fruits, and spices to make the perfect cocktail. You can get kits to make margaritas, sangria, Bloody Marys, and more.

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Morning Joy Co. customises its wood products with laser-cutting.

Morning Joy Co./EtsyThe cutting board is available on Etsy.

The store, run by husband and wife team Justin and Jasmine Allred, offers home accessories that can be customised to fit your family’s needs.

You can get one-of-a-kind cutting boards, name signs, chalkboards, and baby name signs from the shop.

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You can get brightly coloured bow ties and accessories from Gabe Jade.

Gabe Jade/EtsyThe ties are available on Etsy.

Gabe Jade makes African fabric goods, including ties, headscarves, and bow ties.

The bright patterns make Gabe Jade’s products stand out, and the owner will even make custom matching items for families that aren’t listed on the site.

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My Eccentric Kloset sells tote bags, T-shirts, jewellery, and more.

My Eccentric Kloset/EtsyThe tote bag is available on Etsy.

My Eccentric Kloset’s tote bags and water bottles feature captivating illustrations of Black women, and the store also offers T-shirts and infant bodysuits with messages like “Black excellence” and “melanin magic.”

The store has unique earrings and makeup bags, too.

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By Keeks With Love recently added face masks to its repertoire of T-shirts, bags, and buttons.

By Keeks With Love/EtsyThe mask is available on Etsy.

By Keeks With Love’s work has been featured in both Buzzfeed and Essence, with the store carrying a little bit of everything.

Whether you want a journal, button with a message, or an African-inspired face mask, By Keeks With Love has you covered.

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Brownie Points makes jewellery and posters with a message.

Brownie Points/EtsyThe necklace is available on Etsy.

The messages on Brownie Points’ products range from funny to poignant. One of her posters reads “Don’t flirt with me unless you plan on paying off my student loans,” while another says “Your silence is complicit and anti-Black.”

Like the intersectional nameplate shows, all of the company’s products are cute and meaningful.

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Cathy C. Illustrations’ paintings are mesmerising.

Cathy C Illustrations/EtsyThe illustration is available on Etsy.

Cathy C. specialises in beautiful illustrations of Black women, writing that she is “showcasing Black girl magic, one illustration at a time” on her shop page.

The artist spotlights Black women of different body types, hairstyles, and interests in her work.

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You can get stylish outfits from Chic City Vintage.

Chic City Vintage/EtsyThe outfit is available on Etsy.

Chic City Vintage offers all the fun of visiting your local vintage shop without making you leave the couch.

The store has dresses, jumpsuits, aprons, and even flirty bodices.

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You can get contemporary fibre art from Studio nom.

Studio Nom/EtsyThe piece is available on Etsy.

Studio nom’s geometric pieces are dynamic and refreshing, with black-and-white patterns that make her work stand out.

The shop also offers custom orders, with different colours, larger pieces, or even special patterns.

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Mind The Cork’s products are perfect for eco-friendly shoppers.

Mind The Cork/EtsyThese card-holders are available on Etsy.

The aptly-named Mind The Cork specialises in cork alternatives to leather, making everything from wallets to plant holders out of cork.

The cute designs make the products even better, with many of Mind The Cork’s planters looking like animals.

See what else this shop has to offer here.

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