14-Year-Old Who Had 'Fascination' With Columbine Arrested For Allegedly Threatening A Mass Shooting

Black Hills High SchoolBlack Hills High SchoolBlack Hills High School

Police arrested a Washington teenager after they allegedly found three guns, ammunition, possible gunpowder, and fireworks in his home, The Olympian reports.

One of the weapons found at the home was reportedly an “assault-style weapon.”

A friend of the 14-year-old boy told police he heard the teen threatening to shoot students at Black Hill High School and then kill himself, according to the newspaper. The suspect’s name has not been released.

Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Graham told a court that the student expressed a “fascination with Columbine.” Graham also told news station KIRO-7 that the student “had done a lot of research in regards to the Columbine shooting and … indicated he admired the two men involved in that.” He also had a hand-drawn map of Black Hills High School.

At a Tuesday court hearing, the boy’s mother said her son “had some depression issues” but that he wasn’t dangerous and the shooting threats were just “a cry for help and attention.”

The student is being held on two counts of felony harassment and two counts of illegal possession of a firearm, according to KIRO-7. He will undergo a mental health evaluation.

His grandmother told The Olympian that the boy’s father had bought him a rifle so they could go hunting together. The grandmother said the boy “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

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