Black Friday Shopping Hysteria From Around The Country [PHOTOS]

Black Friday, signs, OWS

Photo: Flickr / Michael Holden

Black Friday — well, Thursday — has kicked off.Shoppers are scrambling to get their hands on the best doorbuster deals as various big retailers open up for the most frenzied shopping weekend of the year.

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We’ll be updating this post as the craziness ramps up.

Walmart's sales started earlier than ever this year — 8 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day.

Walmart stayed open, and is offering deals in waves, notes Reuters' Dhanya Skariachan.

Business Insider's Ashley Lutz is in an Ohio Walmart where things are starting to get real serious.

Shoulder-to-shoulder in this Walmart.

WOAH. Check out this mob attacking a product display at a Moultre, Ga. Walmart. Some poor woman gets shoved in the face to make way for others (49 second mark)

But people across the country have been waiting much longer in front of Best Buy stores. Some have been camping out for a week or more.

The crew at a Naples, Fla. Best Buy pumps each other up before opening doors to the mob waiting outside.

Doors finally open at Best Buy. This must have been a tense moment.

Black Friday shopping rule No. 1: Always keep your loot close to your chest.

This guy's going to need a bigger cart.

Of course, it is Thanksgiving too. The beer shelves at this Walmart have been nearly cleaned out.

At Sears, there's a strangely well-behaved line at its electronics department, The Wall Street Journal's Dana Mattioli reports.

At a Dallas Toys 'R' Us, the line wrapped around the building — with a mascot keeping watch. It's around 500 people, according to Maria Halkias at the Dallas Morning News.

Want a Coach bag? Get in line.

A different story at Dollar Tree though. It's closed — not a single employee inside.

Walmart is giving these price lists out. Oh, and there weren't any protesters in sight at this store, tweets Hitha Prabhakar.

But we did come across this video of hecklers who launched a verbal attack on customers as they poured into a Best Buy.

Here's a ton of people waiting in line that snakes out of a D.C. Target. They're all bundled up.

'Teen Wolf' actor Colton Haynes is entertaining fans with live tweets and video from his Black Friday adventure. He snapped this great photo of a customer who scored a deal on Just Dance 4 at Walmart.

Kohl's opened its doors at midnight. Here's the line wrapped around the store in Lake Oswego, Ore.

The shopping rush was too much for this Kohl's shopper.

Apparently there was a flash mob outside this Kohls in Jackson, Miss.?

A woman takes a break at a Highland, Indiana Sears. People packed the store for 4 a.m. doorbusters.

People weren't just after electronics on Black Friday. Check out this line outside Bed, Bath and Beyond in Highland, Indiana.

A shopper captured this eerie photo of a line waiting outside Best Buy.

No wonder people go nuts for Black Friday. Look how much this customer saved at Kohls.

A manager at a Griffith, Indiana Kmart tries to hand out doorbuster vouchers to lucky folks in the crowd waiting outside.


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