This Is What You Should Really Be Buying On Black Friday

Instead of looking for Black Friday discounts on fancy electronics and clothes, consider taking a peek at some of the awesome car sales that will be offered this Thursday.

“People’s minds are on other things than buying cars, and the lots will be empty. It’s a good time to look,” said Phil Reed, an expert on car purchasing and ownership with

Dealers want to clear space for the new 2012 models, and although the selection might not be as great, you can expect to see deep discounts. Some vehicles’ prices will be slashed up to 23 per cent off the recommended retail price, and average cuts will be over 9 per cent, according to The average discount over 2011 was six per cent.

Reed recommends finding incentives, rebates and low-interest financing before you go shopping, and of course, doing your research.

“Going to a lot without having done your research is dangerous, especially when you don’t know the numbers behind everything,” he said.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, check online to see which dealers have what you’re looking for or use a mobile app. For its part, Edmunds offers an app that even lets you know how many vehicles are left in your favourite colour.

Though it sounds silly, make sure to check the car sticker and that you’re considering the right model year.  This is the first rule of car shopping, Reed said.

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