Everything you need to know about early Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

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What started out as one of the biggest shopping days in the United States, has since exploded into an international phenomenon. The term “Black Friday” has become synonymous with huge savings, with retailers and brands offering some of the biggest deals and bargains during this annual event.

According to a survey run by Finder, 35% of Australians intend on taking advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales (that’s roughly equivalent to 6.8 million Australians).

So what exactly are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and what can we expect during the upcoming 2021 sales?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originally started in the United States as an event to signify the start of the Christmas shopping season. Over time it has evolved into one of the biggest shopping days of the year in the US.

Traditionally, Black Friday occurs on the fourth Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Over the past decade, more and more Australian retailers have been embracing this tradition, offering huge sales during Black Friday.

This year, the event is set to occur on Friday, November 26. However, if past Black Fridays are anything to go by, not all retailers will stick to this date. Some may kick off their sales a few days earlier, or have their sales run well into the following week. A long weekend of sales that start on Black Friday and end on Cyber Monday isn’t an uncommon practice for some retailers.

While a fair share of Black Friday deals were in-store only during previous years, due to the COVID pandemic, these sales could be more online-focused this year, much like they were last year.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is another huge sale event, taking place on the Monday following Black Friday. As its name suggests, Cyber Monday is more focused on online sales, so expect to see some big deals through online retailers and brands.

This year’s Cyber Monday is set for November 29. Over the years, the line differentiating Black Friday from Cyber Monday has blurred, with the former offering a fair share of online bargains. However, don’t be surprised if certain retailers and brands offer deals exclusive to Cyber Monday.

What deals are available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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Most retailers won’t release information about their Black Friday sales until the day of, so we can’t give you a full rundown of what will be available. However, it’s a safe bet that if a retailer or brand has an online store, there’s a very good chance they’ll have some kind of Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday sale going.

Due to the time difference between Australia and the United States, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to take advantage of the US’s Black Friday sales during Saturday, our time. The same can also be said for the US’s Cyber Monday sales. You may just have to wait a little bit longer for these international orders to arrive.

Are there any early Black Friday are currently available?

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Retailers and brands like to play fast and loose with the event’s timings, and 2021 is now different. Here are a few of the best early Black Friday deals in Australia.

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