PREDICTION: Black Friday 2011 Sales To Top $800 Million Online

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What recession? announced their Black Friday 2011 predictions for online shopping with total sales to increase by over 24% from 2010 earlier today. According to comScore, Black Friday shoppers spent $648 million online in 2010 which means they are expecting over $800 million for Black Friday 2011.

Online shopping has definitely made life easier for everyone. Not only does it save the hassle of visiting retail stores and risking exposure to Black Friday injuries but also preserves your privacy for buying personal items like acne treatment and anything that comes wrapped in a brown box.

However, with a global economic meltdown looming (it’s actually already here but everyone is in denial), unemployment at high levels and access to credit stricter than ever before, will Black Friday 2011 be all it’s cracked up to be? The new Apple iPhone 4s has great reviews but maybe if they called it Apple iPhone 5 it would sell another trillion units. Who knows for sure.

Black Friday is the mother of all measurements for retailers forecasting holiday and year-end sales but has America gone a little crazy with their spending when teachers barely get paid enough to live, many families are one hospital visit away from bankruptcy and Congress members cannot agree on anything. It’s unrealistic to think of this as a perfect world but maybe one day someone will create a “give to charity” day where people get just as excited about helping others as they do for a new pair of shoes.

Thanksgiving is for family and a day we all should cherish however it seems that too is now changing and becoming pre-occupied with “early” Black Friday sales. There is no doubt everyone has some family issues and once the turkey is gone it’s easy to wish a store was open, but really, do we need more activities that require a credit card to have fun?