Burger King Japan Is Selling Burgers With Black Buns And Cheese

Burger King has gone to the dark side.

The fast food chain just announced the launch of two all black whoppers in Japan, according to Rocket News 24.

Their Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl (‘kuro’ is ‘black’ in Japanese) burgers will each feature black buns, black slices of cheese, and a black sauce.

The Kuro Diamond Burger is a little more colourful with onions, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, and a customised squid ink sauce. The Kuro Pearl (translated to The Black Pearl, aka the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean) burger, however, lacks the veggies, and could potentially pass as an edible black hole or a shadowy flying saucer.

In order to create their ninja-like facade, Burger King darkened the buns and cheese with bamboo charcoal and mixed the meat with scores of black pepper.

The peculiar patties will sell for approximately 690 yen ($6.40) and 480 yen ($450), and will be hitting Japanese stores on September 19th for limited time only.

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