A white man reportedly yelled offensive racial slur at Black teen who offered him a doughnut

Honey dip doughnuts are pictured at Demet’s Doughnuts in Medford, MA on Feb. 28, 2019. Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
  • Authorities are investigating an incident caught on a video of a white man using racial slurs against a Black teen after he was offered a doughnut.
  • According to the Boston Globe, the 14-year-old, Peter Osazuwa, was offering doughnuts to strangers in Newburyport, Massachusetts.
  • Newburyport police are pursuing an investigation into the incident, according to The Newburyport Daily News.
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Police are investigating an incident where a Black teen was called offensive racial slurs after offering a white man a doughnut in Newburyport, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe.

The 14-year-old, Peter Osazuwa, offered strangers extra doughnuts after he realised there were leftovers from his Dunkin Doughnuts order, the report said. The incident, which was caught on video, occurred last week, according to local reports.

Osazuwa’s mother, Adama Berry, told the Boston Globe that her son was with friends when he was called racial slurs after he offered a white man a doughnut.

“He was asking him, ‘Do you want a doughnut?’ and he went off,” she told the newspaper. “The guy started yelling, using the n-word on him.”

According to the Boston Globe, witnesses started to film the incident and able to capture the man shouting on video.

In the video obtained by the newspaper, the white man drove off in his Lexus Sudan, someone asked him “What did you call him?” and the man shouted the slur at the teen, the report says.

Berry said that her son was upset after the incident and told Boston Globe she feared for her and her son’s lives.

“I’m scared for my life, I’m scared for my boy’s life. I was so angry. Oh my God, I was so upset. But what can you do? You just have to live,” she said.

Newburyport authorities are investigating and were able to obtain the footage of the incident. According to The Newburyport Daily News, police were able to identify the man by a glimpse of his licence plate in the recorded video.

The Newburyport Daily News reported that City Marshal Mike Murray addressed the incident in a press release on Monday.

“We do not tolerate acts of racism or bias in our community, and we will pursue this investigation, wherever the facts take us,” Murray said, according to the report.

Newburyport Police Department “will consult with the Essex District Attorney’s Office on whether the incident meets the standard for a hate crime or bias-motivated crime,” the report also said.