Black Box Pings Go Silent, Tony Abbot Says 'There Is A Lot Of Uncertainty Left'

No pings have been detected in 24 hours. Photo: Richard Wainwright – Pool/Getty Images

The search for MH370 may have become far more difficult after experts believe the batteries of the plane’s black box may have run out with the last ping detected 24 hours ago.

Today 11 military aircraft, one civil aircraft and 14 ships continued to search the area of up to 57,506 square kilometres trying to locate the Malaysian airlines plane that went missing on March 8.

In China earlier this week Prime Minister Tony Abbott said “There’s still a lot more work to be done and I don’t want anyone to think that we are certain of success, or that success, should it come, is going to happen in the next week or even month. There’s a lot of difficulty and a lot of uncertainty left in this.”

Abbott also said officials had hoped to further narrow down the search area using the fading pings and then deploy a submersible craft to continue to search the ocean floor, but the difficulty of the situation may make this process a lot longer.

“There’s a lot of difficulty and a lot of uncertainty left in this.

“It is the most difficult search in human history and no one should underestimate the challenges involved in finding wreckage four and a half kilometres below the surface of the ocean.”

The news of the black box comes after a Malaysian newspaper claimed the plane’s co-pilot made a mobile phone call from the flight before the plane went missing.

But the Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has disputed the claim saying “if it is true, we would have known about it much earlier.”

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