BKLN: New Meetup For Brooklyn Folks

BKLN 2.0  http://web.meetup.com/54/

Posted by Eric Gunnar Rochow: Some of the best networking I’ve ever done is while walking my dog, Henry, in Prospect Park.

This morning, after I had just met yet one more person who works on web projects, I thought, we all take the train to Manhattan to attend Web meetups.

Why not have a Web oriented Meetup in Brooklyn?

So I decided to start Brooklyn 2.0, a Meetup with a ‘big tent’ approach to Web 2.0 for all of us who take the train to the city to attend Meetups. Anyone with an interest in or occupation related to Web

2.0 is invited. The focus, initially, is more on informal socializing/networki ng than formal presentations.

Come hang out with BKLN bloggers, designers, programmers, video bloggers, users, social media experts, entrepreneurs. Visit http://web.meetup.com/54/

Please consider joining, and tell your friends.

Thanks, eric.

eric gunnar rochow Creator and Host of Gardenfork.tv and Realworldgreen.com