11 of the strangest products that have been sold on QVC

QVCtv/ YouTubeQVC sells plenty of strange products.
  • QVC has tried to sell some bizarre products throughout its 33-year history.
  • In the past, there were some strange beauty products for sale, like a mini spa for your hand, a sticker that gave you an instant eye lift, and a device for your mouth that toned your face.
  • The network has sold a couple of questionable bathroom products, like a night light for the toilet.
  • Infamous products like the Slanket, Trump Steaks, and the Shake Weight were also sold on QVC.
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QVC is known for selling beauty products, kitchen gadgets, and clothing, and it has done so for over 30 years. But every now and then, the network presents a product that is stranger than the rest.

From bizarre costumes to a night light for the toilet, these are some of the stranger items on QVC.

The network currently sells $US43 Baby Shark costumes … for adults.

QVCtv/ YouTubeBaby Shark costume.

In 2019, the children’s song “Baby Shark” went viral, and now QVC is selling a costume for adults that’s based on the hit.

“‘Baby Shark’ is all over the world,” the QVC host said. “Our kids sing it day and night, and I am so excited because this is the launch of the official ‘Baby Shark’ costume.”

The children’s version of the costume costs $US33.

QVC also sells colourful toilet night lights for $US22.98 so you don’t have to turn on the bathroom light.

QVCtv/ YouTubeThe GlowBowl.

On QVC, the host described this product as “the greatest invention in the history of mankind.” Known as GlowBowl, this item lights up your toilet bowl with colourful lights so that you can see the toilet in the middle of the night.

Before there was the Snuggie, QVC was selling the Slanket for $US24.

QVCtv/ YouTubeThe Slanket.

Although the Snuggie and the Slanket are just blankets with sleeves, they created quite the stir a few years ago. In 2016, QVC brought the Slanket – the “original blanket with sleeves” – back to expand the colour selection.

QVC once sold President Donald Trump’s steaks.

Trump Steaks launched in 2007, and QVC sold them online. But the company quickly went out of business after customers gave it bad reviews. On QVC.com, customers’ feedback included “dreadful prices of meat for a high price,” “nothing but grease, and shrinkage is astonishing,” and “simply awful.”

QVC used to sell the infamous Shake Weight.

QVCtv/ YouTubeShake Weight.

For $US20 to $US30, QVC sold the Shake Weight, a piece of exercise equipment that supposedly shapes your upper body. Through the years, the Shake Weight has gone viral online because of the suggestive way the dumbbell shakes in people’s hands as it moves up and down.

“This you can do while watching TV, while waiting for potatoes to boil, while on a rainy day inside your home without leaving, and it’s all thanks to the new and improved Shake Weight,” the QVC host said back in 2012.

There have been mixed reviews over the product’s effectiveness.

Instead of treating yourself to a spa day, you could purchase this small sauna from QVC … but it only massaged your hand.

QVCtv/ YouTubeHydrospa Massaging Hand Sauna by Conair.

In 2016, the Hydrospa Massaging Hand Sauna by Conair cost $US40, which the hosts said is less than any spa treatment. Notably, the small sauna could only massage one hand at a time.

“This is going to hydrate your hands in a way that you never hydrated your hands before,” the host said.

QVC once sold a pillow for your breasts for $US32.69.

Our Family Life/ YouTubePillow for your breasts.

The Kush Breast Support Comfort Pillow is a hard device that you place between your breasts while sleeping at night.

“If you know someone who is large breasted and suffers when they sleep at night because of the weight of one breast on another, this well could be the solution,” the QVC host said.

For $US39.75, QVC sold a sticker that was meant to give you an instant eye lift.

QVCtv/ YouTubeInstant eyelift.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a facelift, QVC sold a simple sticker that you glued onto your eyelid to give you an instant eye lift.

“It gives you a very, very energetic, vibrant look,” the QVC host said.

QVC once sold a device that you placed in your mouth to help tone your face.

PokeyCat/ YouTubeThe Facial Flex.

Although it may look terrifying, when you put the Facial Flex device into your mouth, it was meant to tone your face and make you look younger. For $US29.86, you were supposed to use the Facial Flex for two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night by opening and closing your mouth while the device was in place.

“I sit there and watch myself in the mirror because it’s kind of freaky, and I could even see the muscles on my chest move,” the host said.

The network currently sells Poo-Pourri, which masks bathroom odours, for $US22.

QVCtv/ YouTubePoo-Pourri.

The QVC host said Poo-Pourri “really changed the game of how it feels to go to the bathroom,” especially if you’re a guest at someone’s house or have people over. To use the product, you just spray the toilet bowl before you do your business, and then you apparently don’t have to worry about the smell.

“You now have the confidence to walk out of a bathroom and feel like somebody else can go in after me,” the host said.

Back in 1997, the network sold the Poop Moose, which was a questionable way to serve candy.

If you filled the wooden moose with small chocolates, like M&Ms, it would “poop” them out when you lifted its tail. Lori Greiner, co-host of “Shark Tank,” said this is the most bizarre item she ever saw during her years at QVC.

“I didn’t think it would sell so well, but it did,” she told ABC News. “I haven’t seen it in years, though.”

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