BIZARRE REALTOR TALE: The Time A Guy Tried To Sell A House With His Murdered Wife Buried Out Back

mike wondka realtor

Photo: Mike Wondka

Lake Tahoe real estate agent Mike Wondka has had a brush with murder on the job.When we recently spoke to Wondka for a story about successful realtors in the luxury market, he told us a tale we could hardly believe.

Wondka,¬†who has sold homes in the area for more than two decades, said that a man once called him to sell his house, but when Wondka went over to check the place out, it was “a real dog.”

The walls were black, there was a leaky roof, and mildew everywhere, Wondka told us.

Wondka said he told the man the land was the only valuable part to the property. The man said he’d sell for whatever the land could bring in, but when Wondka asked to meet the man’s wife and get her signature on the documents, the man said she’d moved to Las Vegas.

The next day the man came to Wondka’s office with the paperwork all signed by his “wife.” The situation seemed fishy, Wondka said, and a fellow realtor joked the wife was probably dead and buried under the wood pile in the backyard.

It all came to a head when the man brought a woman to the closing and had her pose as his wife. Wondka discovered the lie when the woman misspelled her name on the documents.

As it turns out, the man actually had murdered his wife and buried her under the wood pile behind his falling-apart house.

Said Wondka, “20-one years in the business, you think you hear it all but you always run into something new.”

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