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In 1995 The NFL Unveiled Some Bizarre Mascots That Were Never Seen Again

Minnesota VikingsGetty Images

The NFL’s Pro Bowl game rarely produces notable moments and is often just a glorified version of a touch football game.

However, a look back at the 1995 Pro Bowl unveiled something interesting. Many teams used new, bizarre mascots, and many of the mascots were never used again.

It’s unclear if every team had a mascot made specially for this Pro Bowl, but there are several for teams that don’t traditionally use a mascot during games.

A spokesperson for the NFL was unsure why the mascots were made or why they were only used once.

The Atlanta Falcons mascot had an absurdly long neck.

The Cleveland Browns mascot looked like a mix between Snuffleupagus from 'Sesame Street' and Rowlf the Dog from 'The Muppets.'

This was the last game for the Los Angeles Rams as the team moved to St. Louis the next season.

The Miami Dolphins mascot.

The Minnesota Vikings mascot, like many of the mascots, looked like a large plush doll.

The Philadelphia Eagles mascot was ready for flight.

The Pittsburgh Steelers mascot looked like a robot.

This appears to have been the only time the San Diego Chargers ever used a bull as a mascot.

The San Francisco 49ers mascot looks similar to the one used by the team now.

The Washington Redskins mascot was a bit disturbing and it is probably a good thing it was quickly retired.

Not all of the mascots disappeared. Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboys mascot, is still used today.

The Chargers and 49ers mascots also made an appearance at a fan event prior to the Super Bowl.

A 'Mascot of the Year' award was given out during the game, although it is not clear if the one-time mascots were eligible or if they were the purpose of the award.

Of course, the mascots weren't the only bizarre costumes at the Pro Bowl. Here are the NFC uniforms being worn by Steve Young, Ricky Watters, and Deion Sanders.

And here is the AFC uniforms on John Elway.

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