17 of the most bizarre fast food items ever created

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites Pizza Official Image U.S.Pizza HutPizza Hut’s latest bizarre menu item.

Pizza Hut is unleashing a new hot dog stuffed crust pizza.

The fast food industry has a history of releasing bizarre items.

Many of these items were found overseas. Pizza Hut’s hot dog pizza was initially found in Japan, so it’s possible we could see these items come to the US one day.

Pizza Hut's 'Double Sensation' Pizza

Pizza Hut released this wacky item in Singapore. The two-crust pizza was essentially a pizza-in-a-pizza, with one crust stuffed with three cheeses and topped with turkey, ham, veggies, and salsa, and another stuffed with chicken sausage, cheese, and topped with zucchini, chicken, and sauce. There was a cherry in the middle, too.

Pizza Hut Crown Crust Pizza with Cheeseburgers

In 2012, Pizza Hut Middle East released another Crown Crust Pizza, this time featuring mini cheeseburgers in the crust. According to a commercial for the wacky product, it was topped with beef, fresh vegetables, and a special sauce specific to Pizza Hut. The commercial makes it look like the product was targeted towards people who craved cheeseburgers when they dined at Pizza Hut, as it featured a man ordering a cheeseburger. His friends laugh, but his waiter introduces him to this outrageous product.

Pizza Hut's Crown Crust Chicken Pizza

Pizza Hut Middle East also released a pizza with a chicken-nugget stuffed crust for those who craved pizza and chicken nuggets at the same time.

Pizza Hut's Kit Kat Pops

Pizza Middle East ventured into dessert territory with Kit Kat Pops -- which were just Kit Kats wrapped in pizza dough.

Pizza Hut's Cone Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Middle East released another wacky stuffed-crust pizza, this time with the dough rolled up into cones, and stuffed with cream cheese, honey mustard chicken -- or both.

Taco Bell's Mtn. Dew AM

In 2012, Taco Bell debuted a new and bizarre morning beverage called Mtn. Dew A.M. Like a bizarre mimosa without the champagne but with Mountain Dew, the beverage was a sugary mix of orange juice and Mountain Dew.

McDonald's McLobster

Canadian McDonald's made an ill-fated foray into the lobster roll. While a lobster roll -- or a McLobster -- isn't necessarily a bizarre food, per se, it certainly was a bizarre match for McDonald's customers. Grub Street accounted for a number of averse reactions to the item.

Pizza Hut Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Australia released a pizza with a Doritos-covered crust. Why have Doritos on the side with your pizza when you can have it on top of your pizza?

KFC Korea Zinger Double Down King

KFC's Double Down is pretty over-the-top as it is -- but then KFC Korea launched this insane item, which, as the ad says, is 'no bun. All meat.' Like its predecessor, there was bacon and cheese -- but there was no bread, just two chicken patties serving as the mechanism to hold this 'sandwich' together.

McDonald's Black and White Burgers

In 2013, Brand Eating reported McDonald's Hong Kong released 'Black and White' burgers. The website reported the 'white' burger featured the odd amalgam of a bun with black sesame seeds, lettuce mashed potatoes, a fried chicken patty, pepper mushroom sauce, and bacon. However, the 'black' burger was even more bizarre, as the bun was made with squid ink and topped with sesame seeds. Inside of the burger were two beef patties, lettuce, bacon, mashed potatoes, and truffle sauce.

Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza

Why have cream cheese for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and sushi for dinner when you can have all three for the same meal? Pizza Hut Hong Kong unleashed the Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza, combining the elements of all three meals for a very bizarre result.

Burger King's Windows 7 Whopper

In 2009, Burger King Japan released a special-edition seven-patty burger in honour of the Windows 7. It was only available for a week.

First Kitchen's Kit Kat Sandwich

Time noted the Japanese chain First Kitchen released the odd combination of a bun with a Kit Kat, whipped cream, and organ ge slices. It's certainly a bizarre dessert mash-up.

Tim Horton's Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

Last summer, As Eaten on TV shared a photo of this outrageous doughnut at the New York State Fair. Grub Street accounted for its mash-up of unhealthy ingredients: the obviously fried doughnut, buffalo sauce, and even tortilla chips -- which the website pointed out was just for decoration. True to its buffalo wings inspiration, the doughnut was also available in a 'mild' flavour with ranch dressing.

Pizza Hut's Star Edge Pizza

This pizza might be the most bizarre menu item of all. Pizza Hut Korea's star-shaped pizza was loaded with seafood, meat, and dessert in the crust. Brand Eating noted the over-the-top pizza came fully equipped with shrimp, calamari, sausage, bacon, steak, and crusts filled with cranberry and cream cheese or a cinnamon-apple-nut mix alongside cream cheese. The commercial shows just how over-the-top and bizarre the product was, too.

You've seen these bizarre fast foods...

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