Watch Christopher Walken Sell Handmade Clothes In The Creepiest Way Possible

If you have seen any of Christopher Walken’s many appearances on Saturday Night Live, you know that he can be as hilarious as he can be creepy. And when he combines the two, magic happens.

That bizarre blend is showcased in a new line of Danish ads for the men’s clothing company Jack & Jones. In the campaign, Walken is a tailor who is very, very serious about handmade goods.

Danish agency &Co. produced the spots with Scandinavian director Martin Werner, creating a dark vibe that still manages to be more lighthearted than unsettling. And the brilliant thing about the ads is that despite their creepiness, they do a good job of selling the brand as high quality and fashionable. The campaign’s slogan, “Made from Cool,” seems like it would not go well Walken’s weirdo shtick, but it just does.

Here’s another one:

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