The 15 most bizarrely unnecessary sexy Halloween costumes of 2016

The INSIDER Summary:

• Halloween is here, and costumes are getting “sexy.”
• These are the worst offenders we could find, from sexy Bambi to sexy Donald Trump.

It’s almost Halloween, which means that we’re about to see another round of totally bizarre “sexy” costumes.

Beyond the usual sexy cheerleader and sexy nurse costumes, some people are coming up with even more gratuitously sexy costume ideas.

Take a look at some of the most unnecessarily sexy costumes we were able to find.

SEXY BAMBI: Talk about losing your innocence.

SEXY TRUMP: The actual name for this $70 costume is 'Donna T. Rumpshaker.'

SEXY PATRICK: Oh my god.

There's also a sexy Spongebob costume if you're going as a pair.

SEXY GOLDFISH: *Insert joke about the memory of a goldfish here.*

There's also a so-called 'cosy' goldfish costume.

SEXY SNAPCHAT: You could go as the 'pretty filter' ... or you could go as the dog filter wearing a weird Snapchat crop top.

SEXY GUMBI: Not only are you Gumbi, but there's a mini Gumbi popping out of your head.

SEXY MUSHROOM: For those who found the Mushrooms in Mario Brothers erotic.

SEXY DUMBO: As if this movie didn't already make me cry enough.

SEXY LORAX: He is the Lorax, he speaks for the trees, your shins may be covered, but your knees will freeze!

SEXY JELLYFISH: This looks tacky in more ways than one.

SEXY BIG BIRD: The feet almost made me like this costume, but Big Bird would never wear this dress.

SEXY ERNIE: OK, 'Sesame Street' is officially ruined for me now.

There's a sexy Burt costume, too.

SEXY SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Is no childhood cartoon sacred?!

SEXY TASMANIAN DEVIL: The 3D effect makes this costume even worse.

SEXY CORN: Somehow, this keeps getting sold (y)ear after (y)ear.

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