Here’s how the other Twitter cofounders reacted to Jack Dorsey becoming CEO

Ev williams noah glass biz stone twitter
Ev Williams, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone

Twitter’s founding story is complicated, but most accounts say it was created by four people: Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass.

Dorsey was the company’s first CEO, from 2007 until he was fired by the board 2008. Now, he’s back as the CEO again, while continuing to lead another major tech startup, Square.

How did the other founders react to Dorsey’s return?

In a blog post, Williams seemed less than excited. The post is titled “Why I’m glad Jack is back at Twitter,” but Williams only devotes a couple sentences to Dorsey:

I honestly didn’t think we’d land on Jack when we started unless he could step away from Square. But ultimately, we decided it was worth it.

Williams has some bad blood with Dorsey. Williams was the founder of the company that turned into Twitter (Odeo), had more shares than Dorsey, and is usually cited as the driving force who got Dorsey fired in the first place so Williams could take his place. But according to a profile of Dorsey in the New Yorker, some insiders believe that Dorsey used his position on the board to oust Williams in 2010, and replace him with Dick Costolo. Costolo resigned in June of this year, paving the way for Dorsey’s return.

Stone was a little more positive — at least he managed a “Yes!” 

Costolo also sent off a series of tweets in which he praised Dorsey and generally came off as a gentleman under difficult circumstances — it’s never easy to be replaced:


 Also, we have no idea what this picture of Michelangelo’s David is about, but hope some insiders can clue us in — sound off in comments below:

 From Noah Glass, so far, nothing.  


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