BitTorrent Really Wants To Circulate 'The Interview'

Sony Pictures says it’s having a tough time finding a video-on-demand service to stream “The Interview,” the satire that spurred North Korean hackers to attack the movie studio.

However, file-sharing service BitTorrent told Deadline Friday that it wants to circulate the notorious movie featuring the assassination of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un.

“We have reached out (to Sony) on a number of fronts,” BitTorrent Chief Content Officer Matt Mason told Deadline. “It seems like no one else wants to touch this, but for us this about the two things we care about most: an open Internet and a sustainable future for creativity. This is bigger than this film at this point. As a company, we feel we have no choice but to help Sony Pictures and defend these principles.”

Sony canceled the movie theatre premiere of “The Interview” following threats from North Korean hackers and a cyberattack that released troves of Sony Pictures’ internal documents.

BitTorrent wants to use a service called BitTorrent Bundle to release the movie to viewers for a fee, according to Deadline.

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