This Map Shows The States Where Buying Stuff With Bitcoin Is The Most Popular began accepting Bitcoin last Thursday.

We’d previously reported they weren’t going to start taking the digital currency as payment for another few months, so the announcement surprised a bunch of people.

But reaction was swift: $US130,000 worth of merchandise flew off the retailer’s e-shelves on the first day.

Now, Overstock shares with us some data about the purchases.

Most popular items purchased with Bitcoin:

  • Sheets
  • Mobile phone cases
  • USB flash drives
  • Bath towels

Overstock also provided us with data for all 50 states. We threw it into a spreadsheet and re-calculated to adjust by population stats (transactions per million residents). Then we created a map.

Here’s the states with the most Bitcoin transactions (on Overstock) per capita:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Utah (where is based)
  3. Oregon
  4. Vermont
  5. Washington

Of course, this is just the beginning so there aren’t tons of transactions yet, and it’s just on one site (albeit a mass market one). But it’s not surprising that the state whose motto is Live Free Or Die is t he most into the currency.

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