Lots Of Major Bitcoin Exchanges Around The World Are Under A 'Concerted And Massive Attack'

Andreas Antonopolous is chief security officer at Blockchain.info, a popular Bitcoin wallet service, and he tells CoinDesk that numerous Bitcoin exchanges are experiencing a “massive and concerted” denial of service attack right now.

This is a type of attack on one’s digital real estate in which nefarious hackers bombard servers with junk requests over and over until they become useless. It’s akin to filling a glass of water until it overflows.

In Antonopolous’ words: “As [Bitcoin] transactions are being created, malformed/parallel transactions are also being created so as to create a fog of confusion over the entire network, which then affects almost every single implementation out there.”

In other (simpler) words: this attack may cause Bitcoin to behave weirdly.

He added that no money has actually been lost, as exchanges halt withdrawals as needed in order to keep everything synchronised. One exchange affected by the attack, Bitstamp, sent an email to its customers to that effect.

Antonopolous predicts things will be operating normally in between one and three days.

Bitcoin is currently sitting at ~$670.

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