Bitcoin cash is jumping

  • Bitcoin cash up 17% against the dollar on Thursday morning.
  • The rise follows integration of the cryptocurrency with digital wallet Bitwalla and the exchange Bitstamp.

LONDON – Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash is jumping against the dollar on Thursday morning.

The digital currency, which was split off from bitcoin earlier this year, is up 16% against the greenback to $US1,518.10 as of 7.45 a.m. GMT (2.45 a.m. ET):

The jump in price follows positive news flow surrounding bitcoin cash. Digital wallet provider Bitwalla, which has over 57,000, announced on Wednesday that it is allowing customers to hold bitcoin cash.

Separately, Bitstamp, the 12th biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, announced on Wednesday that it would be integrating bitcoin cash to its platform from December “in response to the demand.”

However, bitcoin cash’s price surge is not enough to put bitcoin cash in record territory. The cryptocurrency is still a way off its all-time of $US1953.67, reached on November 12.

Elsewhere in the cryptocurrency space, bitcoin is down 0.5% against the dollar and ethereum is down 0.02% against the dollar.

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