13% Of Americans Would Choose Bitcoin Over Gold

Although almost half (48%) of American adults now know what Bitcoin is, just 13% say they would choose to invest in it over gold, according to a new Harris Interactive poll on behalf of Yodlee, a financial software firm.

The poll was conducted in December 2013 among 2,039 adults ages 18 and older.

Support for the digital currency was strongest among younger respondents: 20%of 18-34 year-olds who know what Bitcoin is said they would choose to invest in Bitcoin over gold. Thirty-nine per cent were not in favour of any government being able to regulate Bitcoin, compared with 28% among 45-54 and 24% among 55-year-olds and older.

Other findings:

  • 55% of Westerners said they’d heard of Bitcoin, but just 7% said they’d choose it over gold, the lowest in any region.
  • Only 35% of women across the country have heard of Bitcoin, compared with 63% of men. Only 10% of women said they’d choose Bitcoin over gold.
  • The Northeast is America’s most pro-Bitcoin region, with 19% saying they’d choose the digital currency over gold. 51% said they’d heard of it.

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