8 special perks you can score when travelling on your birthday

Tijmen Kielen/FlickrIf you travel on your birthday you can score some cool perks.
  • Places like Starbucks and Red Robin will give you free food or drinks on your birthday.
  • Destination Hotels says they will give you a discount if you book a stay during your birthday month.
  • At Disney parks, you can receive a special button that could entitle you to other special perks.

What’s a greater gift than another trip around the sun? A birthday is a personal milestone; one that’s ripe for reflection, or can serve as the ultimate excuse for the day of indulgence. And with birthdays come some special perks and freebies that could be tough to pass up.

Whether you’re travelling for work or treating yourself to the adventure of a lifetime you’ve been dreaming about, here are some secret perks you can score on your special day.

Stock up on travel-sized beauty buys using your birthday beauty discounts.

Thomas Lohnes / Stringer / Getty ImagesYou can score some beauty freebies during your birthday month.

Need some dry shampoo, a nail file, or travel-sized scent? Your birthday is a great time to stock up and buy any other travel-sized beauty finds you might need for an upcoming trip.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program offers members a complimentary birthday gift that can be obtained during any day of your birthday month.

Platinum and diamond members of Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards program receive a free gift on their birthday. And all members earn double points during your entire birthday month while shopping at Ulta. Basic membership for both programs is free.

You might save money when booking a hotel for your birthday getaway at certain hotels.

Getty Images/Ken IshiiSome hotels offer birthday-related discounts.

When booking stays during your birthday month, Destination Hotels boasts 20% off discounts and birthday treats at certain hotels, like a unicorn cake from Terranea Resorts’ and birthday cake truffles from Wild Dunes.

Make a stop for free coffee and food, no matter where you’re headed.

Kate Haskell/FlickrFortunately, there are many airports that have a Starbucks near or inside them.

Heaps of restaurants offer free food and drink to customers on their birthday. Whether you’re zipping through the airport or ready for a roadside stop, make it a point to cash in on some of the tastiest treats and offerings.

Red Robin gives its loyalty reward program members a free burger on their birthday and Baskin-Robbins offers a free scoop of ice cream to anyone who has an account with the company. Starbucks is another good stop – customers with the app can score a free beverage or treat on their birthday, plus 15% off their orders.

You can reportedly get a free cake celebration if you fly with Singapore Airlines on your birthday.

Although Singapore Airlines doesn’t have details on their website, this could be worth trying. Many flyers on Singapore Airlines have reported from their personal experiences that flyers can receive a free cake celebration for their special day if it is arranged in advance.

A representative of Singapore Airlines told INSIDER that although the cakes are not part of a standard airline fare, “from time to time, SIA extends special occasion cakes to our passengers as a token of goodwill and celebration.”

According to various individuals who’ve shared their experiences, you simply have to let Singapore Airlines know what you’re celebrating(anniversary, wedding, big birthday) before you travel so that they can prepare. This can reportedly be done via a customer service email.

Score a free birthday dinner at any Medieval Times location during your birthday month.

Medieval TimesTo score this deal, sign up for their email list.

A visit to Medieval Times might not require a long plane ride, but it might feel like you’re travelling back in time. After all, the restaurant and show, or “tournament,” features a clash between knights who battle with steel and steed. Other shows include jousting and falconry.

For dinner, expect to fill yourself with garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, herb-basted potatoes, and the dessert of the Castle. According to their website, guests who are part of their free birthday fellowship program are entitled to a free ticket with a paid adult ticket anytime during their birthday month.

Disney parks offer quite a few birthday perks.

HarshLight/FlickrWearing a birthday pin could score you some perks.

Going to Disney parks can make any ordinary day feel instantly special but experiencing the magical park on your birthday is an experience that’s truly unlike any other.

In addition to more standard free perks like drinks, being sprinkled with pixie dust, or a trip on the Magical Express bus, you can get a special celebration pin to add to your collection.

Write “my birthday” under “I’m celebrating” to let people know it’s your special day – you could be bumped ahead in line, redeem a free dessert, or get your birthday card signed by your favourite characters.

This year, LEGOLAND California is giving children free admission on their birthdays.

wiredforlego/Wikimedia CommonsIt’s filled with rides and impressive Lego sculptures.

If you’re travelling with children and want to celebrate their special day, check out LEGOLAND in California. During the rest of 2019, LEGOLAND will be giving free admission to children 12 and under when they visit on their birthday.

And, you might even score a secret perk when you mention it’s your birthday.

David Prahl/ShutterstockMentioning it’s your birthday can score you some surprise perks.

Just mentioning your birthday might score you a secret perk; after all, some hospitality and airline staff have powers they can use to upgrade you at their discretion if there’s availability.

This tip can be especially helpful if you’re part of a loyalty program or if you or your travelling companion has elite status. Results aren’t guaranteed, but it’s always worth a shot.

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