Birthday boy and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe chose exactly the wrong Twitter account to send a thanks reply to

Worst birthday ever. Picture: Getty Images

Everyone who ever tweeted has tweeted incorrectly, at least once.

But not everyone is the leader of a global economic powerhouse. And when most people mess up their tweets, it’s unlikely they send it directly to someone who helped build Twitter.

Yes incredibly, both of those things happened to Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, and as if things couldn’t get any worse, they happened on his birthday.

Here’s how it happened:

It was Abe’s birthday on Monday, so Modi sent him some pretty solid ups:

And no doubt hoped for – but certainly didn’t expect – some kind of reply, but a couple of hours later was probably starting to feel a bit miffed and wondering why he’d bothered.

To his credit, Abe tried, but is clearly still struggling with the whole reply/retweet/at thing:

Yep. It didn’t go to the Indian PM.

It went to Narendra Rocherolle. And there’s a very good reason why he gets to call himself @narendra.

Rocherolle is the CEO of the photography website Webshots. But in a former life, he was a developer for Twitter who wrote the first mobile website that monitors Twitter feeds, Twapper.

He is also credited with generating the first “retweet”:

Fortunately, that also means Rocherolle totally understands how mistakes can be made on Twitter:

Just a week or so ago, he was swamped with messages wishing him well… on Modi’s birthday:

It took Abe a day to correct the tweet, and delete the erroneous one:

Rocherolle did receive an apology, but not from the Japanese PM:

Oddly enough, he chose to link to it, rather than retweet it.

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