The Traffic Jam Around Snowy Birmingham, Alabama Also Looks Insane [PHOTOS]

Atlanta isn’t the only southern city dealing with insane traffic and bad road conditions after yesterday’s dusting of snow.

Other parts of Georgia and Alabama are also seeing terrible traffic jams lasting several hours, with some of the gridlock stretching into Wednesday.

People have been abandoning their cars on the roads and sleeping in stores, according to CNN. Thousands of children were stuck in schools overnight.

Traffic in and around Birmingham, Ala. was starting to clear Wednesday morning, but roads are still treacherous and some people are still stuck. Most schools and businesses in the city remain closed, according to

The photos are insane:

Redditor bat2c posted these photos to Imgur:

And a reader sent us this YouTube video shot yesterday in Marietta, Ga. that shows some of the chaos on the roads:

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