This Music Producer Wants To Wager $5 Million On The Super Bowl

birdman rapper and cash money mogul

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Birdman, a rapper and music producer, is well-known for making extravagant bets on sporting events. But for this year’s Super Bowl, he is taking his love of gambling to an all-new level.Taking his plans to the Twitter-waves, Birdman announced that he wants to bet $5 million on the New England Patriots, in large part because he has a relative on the team, which is of course, crazy. Chris Chase of Yahoo! Sports paraphrases the original tweet, which may have been semi-incoherent, and semi-profane…

“I like New England because BenJarvus Green-Ellis is my nephew. I plan on wagering $5 million on the game to anyone who wants the action.”

According to Chase, Birdman has claimed in the past that he lost a $2 million bet on the 2010-11 Miami Heat, and won $1 million by betting on the Green Bay Packers in last year’s Super Bowl.

But if Birdman does find somebody to take his bet, it might not be long before he breaks his own record. He has already vowed to bet $10 million on Floyd Mayweather if he ever faces Manny Pacquiao.