Pretty In Pink And Pumped Up Kicks: Tour Birchbox's Beautiful Office

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Birchbox provides monthly beauty boxes to more than 100,000 people and it just announced some big, manly news as it prepares to continue to grow its operation. We recently checked out this company which is taking over the beauty industry and changing the way people shop

The entrance to Birchbox is simple and inviting, with very comfortable chairs if you need to wait.

The office takes up about half the floor. There is a lot of pink, from wardrobes to wall pieces. Walking towards us are Julia Vineyard, who gave us our tour, and Birchbox Co-Founder Hayley Barna.

There are different art pieces on the wall and many are Birchbox themed. This painting was done by the mother of one of the employees.

One of the perks of working at a company that provides samples of the hottest new make up is the extra free samples.

While there is certainly a feminine feel to much of the office, Birchbox caters to some male visitors.

First, we stopped by the kitchen.

A Keurig coffee maker.

And some additional caffeine options.

The kitchen is maintained by the Birchbox team. From the newest interns to the founders, everyone gets put on the schedule.

And Birchbox has a cleverly labelled container for Tupperware without a home.

In the office one of the first things we notice is this gong. It is sounded on special occasions; whenever a team accomplishes something big they get to ring it.

The Birchbox team wants to stay green so they recycle used batteries.

There are all these pink shoes around the office. You get a pair if you have been at the company for a year.

Here you can see the length of the office.

And there are plenty of male employees. David Morrison, originally from Sydney, Australia, is a Product Manager who has been with the company for 6 months.

Nearby the tech team holds its daily meeting.

The programmers have this tribute to UNIX up on the window.

Marie Matheson is a Software Engineer at Birchbox and has been for almost a year.

Stephanie Kim is a Creative Intern and is also still a student of Graphic Design at Parsons. She is cutting up some cards for Birchboxes.

Here is the finished product.

The cards go in these along with all the other goodies that Birchbox sends out to its members.

Here is what the boxes look like when they are ready to go.

The office continues around the floor.

Hayley Barna, Birchbox Co-Founder and Co-CEO, works right in the midst of the office.

This wacky ugly-bot was a gift from a friends that makes her happy. Next to it is a bottle of Dom to be drunk when Birchbox reaches some of its goals, she didn't want to share which ones.

The company breaks for a 2 minute workout every hour...or almost every hour depending on the day.

It is an office full of strong women! That is Co-Founder and Co-CEO Katia Beauchamp in the front doing push ups.

And there are some strong guys in the office too.

Any good workout needs a good timer.

She has some super cute pictures of her family up on her desk.

And like everyone else she is in the middle of reading the Hunger Games trilogy.

Nearby is this pink lacrosse stick, the office is quite sporty.

Towards the back of the office sits the Customer Service and Operations team.

Paulina Anderson has been working on the team since May 2011 after she graduated from NYU.

She had this galloping horse on her desk, a triple winner.

All the way in the back is this little nook for hanging, meeting, and just relaxing.

Next to it are the conference rooms. Named after drinks.

The office stays true to Birchbox branding throughout.

Lorelei Orfeo is an Associate Editor.

She started at Birchbox in November 2010 so she has a pair of Nikes.

A big part of her job is reviewing products. Some can be pretty out there.

The office is full of nice touches like this small library.

And these Birchbox inspired pieces.

Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Birchbox in her office.

And then we are off.

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