What's Inside A Birchbox Anyway?


Last week, one of our colleagues received some exciting snail mail. It was her first-ever Birchbox.

Birchbox is a subscription ecommerce startup that delivers monthly cosmetics and beauty supplies to women. This winter, it will begin testing a product for men too.

It has a lot of momentum; Birchbox raised $10.5 million this summer and has 45,000+ subscribers.

We were curious to see what the big deal was. So we hopped over to our colleague’s cubicle and peaked inside.

Our colleague Jean was pumped. She received Square and Birchbox from the mail man all in one day.

The delivery box was bright pink, just like Birchbox's website.

Inside the box was another box.

What's inside?

It's a pink generic note, introducing us to all of our goodies.

There are four things we expected, plus an extra.

There's our Redken Shine Flash and Pangea Organics Facial Scrub.

Something else is all wrapped up.

It's our extra - the Minteas Tea Forte -- and the Befine Lip Exfoliator.

But wait, where's our Blinc Mascara?

A day goes by, and we still haven't heard from Birchbox about our missing product.

After an email and two tweets, Birchbox hears our cry and responds.

Five days later, we receive our long lost Blinc Mascara.

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