Biotech Company Wants To Make 3D-Printed Leather Products

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A California biotech company is hoping to combine 3D printing technology and its advanced tissue engineering to create “printed animal products” that could mean your next leather floor mat hasn’t come from the back of a cow.

In a bid to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, father and son duo Gabor and Andras Forgacs hope to form the future of animal farming, accoring to Terra News.

Animal farming produces 300 million tons of meat a year and amounts to almost half of all man-made greenhouse gases globally.

Modern Meadow hopes their new model will not only address environmental and animal welfare concerns but fill a hole in the fashion manufacturing industry.

The Forgacs family has have the $60 billion-a-year leather industry in their sights.

According to Terra, the process uses 3-D printing to deposit clumps of cells into patterns of tissue to create new artificial skin.

“What we build is skin, or hide, and we do this elaborate game to turn it into leather,” says Gabor chief scientific officer of Modern Meadow.

While the Columbian based business plans to debut a prototype material later this year, it is currently focused on developing commercial relationships.

“Our goal after that is to be able to do a limited production run and to incorporate [the leather] into fashion accessories and apparel in 2014, says Andras, CEO. Then, it’s all about scaling.”

Large industry manufacturers and designers have already shown an interest seeing the benefits of a more efficient leather supply chain.

Find the Terra News report here.

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