One Of The Best Games Of All Time Is Coming Soon To Your IPhone And IPad

BioShock, Big Daddy and Little Sister

“Bioshock,” one of the most highly regarded games of the last decade, is getting its own iOS version for iPhones and iPads.
The original “Bioshock,” first released in 2007, was praised for its engaging narrative and its beautifully eerie underwater setting of Rapture, a utopia turned horrifying nightmare.

The first-person shooter thrusts you into the 1960’s world of cold-hearted objectivist Andrew Ryan, the man responsible for Rapture’s creation. When your hero first enters the city, you learn that the citizens of Rapture have since devolved, like the environment itself, which is now teeming with genetically modified Splicers, creepy Little Sisters, and their iconic guardians, the legendary Big Daddies.

It’s your job to escape.

The iPhone and iPad version of the game will be a full port of the original game and will feature Bluetooth controller support, which will offer a more familiar experience than the alternate touch-screen controls.

There’s no word yet on official pricing or availability, but Polygon reports you can expect the game “later this summer.”

You can check out a couple of screenshots from the original “Bioshock” below.

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